Winslow Maine Independence Day: Maine Music Photography part 2

Maine Music Photography – Sharon Hood

Winslow Maine Independence Day: Maine Music Photography part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my posts on photographing live music at the Winslow Maine Independence Day celebration.

I am still new to the area and I don’t know the people in the scene around here. This is just me going out for a day in the park with my family. There happened to be bands playing, and I love music.

Sharon Hood and the Dixon Line: We are an enthusiastic modern country and classic rock band from central Maine! Watch for us in a town near you!

Check out their facebook page: Sharon Hood and the Dixon Road

Not the strongest bio, but the energy Sharon brought to the stage more than makes up for it. I had a blast watching her feed the crowd and get people’s feet moving… even my son’s.

Sharon, as the second band I shot in Maine, you are my favorite so far!

Maine Music Photography part 1: Live Wire

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Maine Music Photography - Live Wire

Maine Music Photography – Live Wire

Winslow Maine Independence Day: Maine Music Photography part 1

Happy Birthday America!” The shouts blast out across the field. Children run freely, teenagers meet their friends and the adults line the damp grass like leaves in the fall. I think it’s a good turnout, but it is my first year here.

Shortly after arriving at today’s celebration, the smell of fried dough caught my attention. 4,000 calories later, the first band was about to start. Continue Reading

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Maine Photographer and Data Loss

I’m now a Maine photographer

I moved to Maine, the photography mecca of the world, and I want to create something new…

It has been a long time since I’ve made changes to the website. Too long. I now have a blank slate to create with. I have no restraints, no history, everything is open. It is good to start over.

The bad news

The bad. I have lost nearly all of my images in a tragic data accident. While I thought about giving up all together, part of me refused the urge.

Keep an eye open, I’ll be updating the site as I manage to gather some old sets, and find new models to work with.

Please take the time to sign up for my mailing list, maybe the Maine photographer would like to work with you.

Christopher Sayers

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